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To see trees that were alive. No longer was their bark black, but instead a light-tan color. The neon-green moss still clung to everything, but it was no longer the only green to be seen. The living trees had leaves, just as vivid, and they rustled lightly in the breeze. This is almost pleasant, observed Riverpaw. It was now difficult to see the vulture against google the stars, but every once in a while he would give a screech so they knew where he was. Evercloud even noticed that the trees they were ping were starting to bare fruit. It's a good thing we have a guide, he said. We'd never know which one of these apple trees was the right one. Actually, said Riverpaw, and gestured apartamente de vanzare bucuresti for Evercloud to look ahead. I don't think there would have been any doubt. Evercloud scanned the horizon and saw the most beautiful apple tree he had ever seen bucuresti in his life. It radiated ahead of them as if it were made of light. As they got closer to it, they noticed that its leaves seemed to tinkle brightly in the wind as if they were made of gl or metal. The tree was so bright that they couldn't believe it was real. Evercloud walked up and plucked an apple from the branches. It was warm to the touch as if it were alive in his hand. Evercloud felt more as if he were holding a heart than a piece of fruit. I never would have thought that a tree of death would look more like a tree of life, said Riverpaw. That's what it wants you to think, said the vulture, landing on the ground next to the two travelers. But believe me when I say that one bite out of that apple and you'll be dead before it falls to the ground. Evercloud opened his pack and stuffed the apple deep inside. Well, I suppose that you'll be leaving now, eh, the vulture said sullenly. Actually, said Evercloud. We would like to ask another favor of you. The vulture's eyes lit up, happy to be able to retain his company for a while longer. We need to be taken to the Witch's Throne. The vulture's beak dropped and he began to shake his head violently. No, no, no, no, no. I won't do that. Don't ask for that. What is wrong with the two of you? Taken to the Witch's Throne. The vulture spat on the ground in disgust. Please, begged Evercloud. You must. We'll do whatever you ask of us. All I want is to not do that. Please. We have to. It's our mission. I can't. I can't. Now the vulture was begging Evercloud. You don't know what you're asking. You can't know what you're asking. Evercloud bent down to look at the creature. Do you remember that story I told you, with the noble vulture? The vulture nodded his head. Sometimes we have to do apartamente de vanzare bucuresti things that are http://jonathanen.com/ frightening, but we have to be brave, or else there will never be a happy ending. We must be taken to the Witch's Throne. It is the only way. Can you be brave, vulture? Can you do this for us? The vulture bowed apartamente de vanzare bucuresti his head to the ground. All right, he said. If that's really what you want. It is. The vulture turned around and spread his wings. And I was just beginning to like the two of you. The vulture flew into the air and Riverpaw and Evercloud watched him, ready to follow once again. But suddenly, the vulture stopped